Debbie Qalballah

Who are you?
My name is Debbie, {Qalballah}; creator, designer, maker, writer, print-maker, artist, blogger, mama, daughter, sister, wife, educator, cook, cleaner, buttwiper, dogsbody, pazi of Biblical proportions for all family dysfunction and writer of this blog.

Educated to post-graduate level I have attended the University of Leeds, thereafter the University of Cambridge, and hold a degree in Philosophy and Sociology with a minor in Theology. I am a fully qualified secondary school teacher, children’s book author, as well as holding qualifications in counselling. As well as crafting, I am passionate about literature and theatre, and harbour (not-so) secret desires to be a smallholder (farmer).

Currently I am serving time as a full-time homeschooling, work-at-home Mama to two forces of nature known as boys (aged 12 and 8 1/2 in this year 2014, who are refered to as ‘Eldest’ and ‘Midget’) and most days are spent juggling the various brain-draining, soul-destroying, unthanked, unseen, monotonous, boring tasks ensuring other people remain alive and uninfected. I hail from the Lake District, but have since escaped to live a life of relative normality elsewhere in the UK.

I live in the heart of a UK city in a modest 2 bedroom house with a long, narrow garden. I dream of living in a farm smallholding with enough land for free play, tree climbing, goats, chucks, geese, bees and ducks and all that jazz. To make up for lack of farm reality we instead have an allotment in which to grow some food.

I am married. To a man. He’s there. Just wavering around the periphery of this blog not really mentioned nor intentionally ignored.

I might have lied about the intentionally ignored bit.

I blog over on my personal blog here.


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